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Understand both the benefits & risks of prescription Arthritis medications 

5 Questions to ALWAYS Ask Your Pharmacist

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By Peter Ballantine

The horror stories of prescription medicines gone wrong are becoming more and more prevalent as we take more drugs with more interaction risks with less understanding as to dosing and with ongoing ignorance as to both the short & long term effects of the drugs we ingest.

Consumer vigilence is a necessity if you're to protect yourself from becoming an unfortunate statistic of arthritis medications.

Here are our Top 5 Questions to Always Ask Your Pharmacist:

1) Drug Interactions
  • Will this interact with my other prescriptions, herbal supplements or over the counter medications?
  • Are there any foods I should avoid?

2) Packaging

  • Can I get a container with an easy open lid?  (Especially important for arthritis sufferers) 
  • Ask for an explanation if any of the symbols or stickers on the packaging are unclear. 

3) Storage

  • Should this arthritis medication be kept away from light, heat or moisture?
  • Does it need to be refrigerated now or once opened?
  • How should it be stored when travelling?

4) Available Formulations

  • Is this arthritis drug available to be taken in any other form?
  • Can I split the pill or dosages?
  • What should I do if I miss a dose?

5) Arthritis Medications Effects

  • What symptoms would tell me that I'm not tolerating this medication well?
  • How long should I wiat before I contact my doctor if I have a reaction?


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