Don't Get Busted For Solicitation

The Report 

While this report may be brief in nature... it is succint in content, invaluable if adhered to and priceless if it keeps you out of trouble.

The resources referred to are experts in the field and include an L.A. prostitute, a police officer that works the "Morals" squad in N.Y., and a litigation attorney from Miami with specific expertise in this area.

Please enjoy the report and use it wisely.

  • How can you tell an undercover police officer apart from a prostitute? 
While the police officer didn't think that there was any good way to tell an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute apart from a real prostitute - our working girl knows otherwise.
Our "Real Life" prostitute responds that she can easily pick an undercover police woman out of a crowd because they look "too good".  Keep in mind that a police woman is made up to look the part and to entice a John to action versus a prostitute that actually lives the part.

Words of advice: If she looks too good, she probably is too good.
  • What can a police officer do to you even before you have done anything wrong?
Our attorney confirms that to the suprise of most people, undercover police officers have no obligation to tell the truth when you ask them a question.  What this means is that they can feed you a line or a story to prompt you to action or if you ask her if she's an undercover police officer - she will undoubtedly say no.

Words of advice: You're not smarter than she is; so don't dilude yourself into thinking that you can "tell" is she's a cop by looking at and/or talking to her.

  • What will an undercover officer likely do that should be a dead giveaway  that you should walk away?
In order to make a solicitation for prostitution charge stick, the police will almost always try to covertly record the conversation between the John and the undercover officer.  As such, the police woman will usually try to get the John to offer money for sex or ask for sex in exchange for money so they can get it on tape to ensure a prosecution.  A real prostitute knows what you want and is eager to get to work.  The coversation is kept to a minimum so that she can get to work and then onto the next John.

Words of advice: If she's all about talk'in, you need to get walk'in - in the other direction.

  • What Rookie mistake do you need to avoid making?
Our prostitute says she can't count the number of times that she has been approached as if she's a girl that someone is trying to pick up at a bar.  Lot's of chatting, looking to impress his buddies (and her) when none of that is required.  She's there waiting for you - so you don't need to impress her and you certainly don't need to be blabbing about or showing off your money.  It's bad for her business and for you - so keep it low key and do not use money & sex in the same sentence as you could very well be trying to impress an undercover cop. 

Words of advice: Keep your big mouth closed and don't fall into the undercover police officer trap - they like to talk.  Use body language and subtlety as your communications tools.

  • The Million Dollar Tip!
If you have questions about whether or not she is too good to be true and think that she may be a police officer there is a real simple test.  Now you may not get what you came for - but you certainly won't get something you didn't come for... arrested.

The test is simple.  All you need to do is ask her to pose for some nude pictures for you.  A poilce woman won't agree to posing nude for you but a prostitute will as she doesn't care how she makes her money - just as long as she does.  

Taking nude pictures is perfectly legal and if you like what you see then you can feel free to have at'er.

Words of advice: Always wear protection

So there you have it.  Five invaluable tips that can save your life as you know it.

Take them to heart and we won't have to be reading about your arrest in tomorrows newspaper.

Best of luck!

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