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Is Fat Assassin with Hoodia an effective Weight Loss product?


Managing my weight while dealing with my Arthritis aches and pains is a real challenge due to my inability to exercise vigorously.  I'm watching my diet but was hoping to get your thoughts about taking a Hoodia weight loss product called Fat Assassin that I'm hearing a lot about from adds on the radio.  They make some bold claims but I can't seem to dig up any real information on them.
Anne Rogan from Pawtucket, RI

Thanks very much for your question Anne.  The challenges that you describe of finding it hard to exercise due to your arthritis and then struggling to manage your weight as a result are common to our community of interest.

First things first... let's address the product that you reference.  I had our certified nutritional consultant try to dig up some details on the Fat Assassin product and as you pointed out, information was hard to come by but based on what we could find we have real concerns based on the following:
  • Fat Assassin appears to contain no fat burning ingredients in its formulation.
  • It claims to contain Hoodia Gordonii (a proven appetite suppressor) but we were unable to determine how much Hoodia it contained and more importantly, what type of Hoodia (extract  or powder) they purported to use.  We recommend powder as the much better option.
  • They make unsubstantiated claims about being "undeniably the best weight loss product on the market today" and try to mislead you into thinking that Fat Assassin was featured on 60 Minutes, etc. when it is the Hoodia Gordonii plant that has garnered the favourable press.
  • While very slick and salesy... the Fat Assassin website scored very low on substance and quality content.
  • Aside from the call-center sales number, they provide no details for...
    • Terms & Conditions, 
    • Contact Information,
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Etc.
Our conclusion is that while Hoodia itself (in quantities of at least 750 mg per serving) has proven to be of great value to many people in their efforts to lose weight, we would not recommend the Fat Assassin product.

That said Hoodia Gordonii has earned it's current place in the limelight based on the fact that it is an all natural product with proven abilities to suppress appetite - which can then lead to weight loss when combined with proper diet and exercise.

After assessing a multitude of Hoodia products on the marketplace today, we feel very comfortable recommending the Hoodia Balance product line based on the following 4 key criteria...
  • Confirmed ingredient quality and quantity (750mg per serving) with no additional ingredients of questionable value.  It's strictly Hoodia Gordonii.
  • Manufacturer legitamacy with contact information and posted certifications.
  • Easily verifiable terms, conditions & policies.
  • FREE Trial Offer (which you can review here) that allows you to evaluate the product with no risk
Add to that the fact that the Hoodia Balance product line offers good value in the marketplace and we feel you'd be better served to consider this product.

Trusting this addresses your question Anne.

Wishing you great health & good fortune

Peter Ballantine

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