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Hip resurfacing safe alternative to surgery


There's a hip replacement procedure now available for active adults. It's called hip resurfacing and it spells relief for those who are slowed down by arthritis.

When Tim Mingey takes a step you are hard pressed to figure out which hip recently underwent surgery.

"Day to day activities are no problem," said Mingey.

That is because hip resurfacing got rid of Tim's problem in his left hip caused by arthritis. It's a hip replacement procedure ideal for younger active patients like Mingey who is 44 years old. Dr. Robert Deveney an orthopedic surgeon at Danbury Hospital did the surgery.

"It's a bone conserving procedure in that we're not removing the existing ball, if you would, of the hip as it would be done in a conventional hip replacement," said Deveney. "We're saving that ball and what we do is we reshape it and recover it."

Dr. Deveney reshapes the ball and socket of the hip to accept a metal surface.

"This metal surface is actually impacted into that area," said Deveney.

It's a tight fit so that the metal ball and cup with a smooth surface allows for a greater range of motion in the hip joint. Recovery after the procedure is down to three weeks as opposed to three months with traditional hip surgery.

"They're typically young healthy patients, and they tend to recover more quickly," said Deveney.

Mingey said he is still a little bit inflexible but each week there's an improvement. "I have trouble crossing my legs, a little bit of stiffness," said Mingey. But there is no doubt that this Judo black belt will soon be back in top shape.

Dr. Deveney says hip resurfacing is not for men 65 years and older or for women 55 years and older. That is due to the risk of osteoporosis. He said the strength of the bone is essential at the time of surgery.

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