Why Margie Was Thrown Out 
Of An Arthritis Convention!

Do you want to know something depressing?

The "Arthritis Industry" -The groups who earn millions of dollars with their expensive treatments for arthritis sufferers - DO NOT WANT YOU TO CURE YOUR ARTHRITIS! 

To illustrate, let me tell you what happened about 5 months after I was pain free. I heard that there was to be a large convention for the Arthritis Foundation at a nearby hotel. I was thrilled! I felt I had explosive news for them. I told my husband, Warren..."I am going there!" I felt sure they would welcome me with open arms. 


Warren let me out at the entrance of the suburban hotel and went to park the car. By the time he got inside, he was greeted by three Security People from the Convention forcing me out..........BODILY!  I could not believe it!! But it happened.

I was told by the people in charge that I had no place there - that no one wanted to hear about my 'so-called remedies'! They were very rude and not at all polite about their position. I was devastated, but we left. 

I called Dr. Goldstein, and he wasn't even surprised. He said he had a similar response when he tried sharing this alternative with the mainstream population and his peers.

He had used this same program to cure his colitis. He had been told to have a colostomy or be dead in 6 months. He was a young man and could not stand the thought of this procedure.

He found another way...THIS PROGRAM!!!  This was 35 years ago. He did everything he was told...he stayed with it. He dedicated himself to following the steps.

About a year after Dr. Goldstein started his program he was back to work. He heard about a convention to be held for doctors who treat colitis. He felt he owed it to them to share his findings. When he called and said he wanted to talk about colitis he asked if he could have a spot on the program, the response was 'yes'.

About three minutes into his talk he was asked to leave....... the only reason given.... 


Like me, he was heartbroken.

I know most doctors are hard-working and doing their best and in many cases are achieving astonishing things.

However, the pressure to use drugs and more drugs is overwhelming. It is not their fault! It is ours!! We go to them for a magic bullet and expect them to heal us...and with not having to make any lifestyle changes. Is this
fair to the doctors? Of course not!!

  • You must take charge of your body and your destiny.
  • You must work with your doctor...with you doing most
    of the work!!

Here's another example of why you may not have heard of this program before....

Non-profit organizations who collect donations given by sincere people who would like to see an end to misery and heartbreak of arthritis have huge budgets. They pay their top people some of the highest salaries in the industry plus giving out lots of perks. Sorry to say, here is a vested interest in not seeing arthritis disappear - status quo! I went to their experts for help. I got doctors' names and pamphlets and discouragement! And no help!!

Compared to many other countries, Americans are in poor health.


Because we listen to television and other media telling us what to eat and drink...and we get sick.

Then we are told all about remedies for our gassy stomachs...our headaches...high blood pressure and all the other maladies we created by not eating right in the first place!

People who move to the United States from countries who have better health than ours find themselves as sick as we are in about 7 years.   WHY?? Because they take up our habits and our food choices.

And most recently...countries with great health track records are finding their populations suffering from health conditions that they did not have just a decade ago.

The American Diet is moving over to them!

So you see...You need help! This approach was not invented by us. We have just documented, refined and expanded it - to craft a program that anyone can do at home.