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World Champion Competitive Eater Takeru Kobayashi Suffering Jaw Arthritis


Will He Be Ready for Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest?

If all goes well, New York City will once again see 27-year-old Takeru Kobayashi vie for his seventh consecutive hot dog eating title on Wednesday. Although Kobayashi is not feeling well, he has every intention of retaining his championship title at the annual Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan's Famous on Coney Island.

On Friday, Nagano, Japan's Kobayashi gave an exclusive interview to the Free Press. Through an interpreter he told reporter Brooks Rexroat that he is limited in how far he can open his mouth and experiences pain when he does. He said he has jaw arthritis that developed because of improperly grown wisdom teeth and years of intensive training for competitive eating. Although Kobayashi said his condition right now is "not so good," the Free Press reports, he has been "talking to professionals and taking their advice. They've been giving me exercises for relaxing the muscles and giving me some things I can do to relax and heal my jaw."

The Free Press reports that Kobayashi is concerned about the upcoming event, but is doing everything possible to ensure he does not miss the contest. He said "a muscle is tight around the jaw because of the injury, and I have some medicines and creams to do various experiments to try to loosen up the muscle, so that's the thing I'm trying to do right now. I'm very worried about if I can fix my problem before the contest. Since this got out, a lot of people have rallied around me and given me advice, and I really feel the energy of other people. I want to try my best not to give up."

Kobayashi is the undisputed world champion competitive eater, even breaking his own hamburger-eating record last fall in Chattanooga, when he gobbled down 97 Krystal burgers in eight minutes. The Free Press stated Kobayashi also holds world eating titles for rice balls, bratwurst, cow brains and lobster rolls.

Kobayashi has a special interest in Wednesday's hot dog eating contest, however. The Free Press reports that five weeks ago Joey Chestnut inhaled 59 hot dogs, wiping out Kobayashi's record of 53. As a result, there is a significant rivalry developing between the two men, which will be tested during the Nathan's Famous contest on July 4.

Even before Kobayashi's medical condition, it was anticipated that Chestnut would give him a run for his money. George Shea is the chairman of the International Federation of Competitive Eating. According to the Free Press, he said Kobayashi's jaw arthritis just ads fuel to the rivalry, which "has played out at Nathan's and Krystal over the past few years. If (Mr. Kobayashi) does fall, all eyes turn to Chattanooga for the rematch."

Following the July 4 competition, Kobayashi and Chestnut will undoubtedly face off again in five weeks at Krystal Square in Chattanooga. According to the Free Press, Kobayashi is only focusing on the July 4 event for now. When that is over, he will evaluate his health and attempt to be ready for Krystal Square, which will pay $10,000 to the winner. "I'm going to try my best to recoup for this contest, then I'm going to rest up and rehabilitate and for sure I'm going to be at Krystal."

According to the Free Press, doctors have told Kobayashi that he is facing a long recovery. When the 160-pound competitor is not eating, he wears a mouthpiece to realign his jaw.

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