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Yoga Practice Relieves Arthritis Pain


A. Sheng

Simple yoga practice relieves the pain of arthritis and is really helpful in dealing with chronic pains such as Arthritis. Arthritis is actually a joint inflammation, which is a condition that affects joints, the tissues surrounding the joints, and other connective tissue. Arthritis keeps you away from enjoying life to the fullest.

Most of the health professionals have the same opinion that some form of regular exercise can lead to muscle tone intact and prevent firmness in the joints. No matter what your level of arthritis is, it can be facilitated by the yoga practice.

Yoga Practice Reduces Stiffness Caused Due to Arthritis

With yoga, a person's physique and life can be greatly improved. Yoga poses or asana can help strengthen your joints, which is vital in preventing and coping with arthritis. Yoga makes your joints to function normally, thus reducing the possibility of stiffness.

When the pain of arthritis strikes, it makes the rest of the body to stiffen up in order to keep the hurting part from striking more. Most of us would act in response to that by doing even fewer exercises, but indolence is the worse solution to fight with the pain of arthritis.

Inactivity deteriorates the muscles and can increase stiffness and pain. Easing the pain of arthritis with simple yoga practice encourages you to keep moving allowing your body to restore, heal and preserve muscle tone.

Easing the pain of arthritis with simple yoga practice also helps psychologically by increasing your confidence in order to function as a normal person and participate in regular activities. You don’t have to let arthritis detain you to a wheelchair.

Yoga Practice Brings Healthier Lifestyle

Yoga can bring about an overall healthier lifestyle that can improve your resistance power not only from arthritis but also from other sicknesses as well.

There are some yoga exercises that begin with activities and movements while sitting in a chair, which are revisions of the regular yoga poses that help to loosen joints and relax muscle groups.

Breathing Pattern

Easing the pain of arthritis with yoga practice can begin with a regular breathing pattern. A regular breathing pattern can progressively increase the level of difficulty in your yoga practice. Deep breathing helps in bringing fresh blood and the proper nutrients to muscle tissue and also helps in relieving physical and emotional tensions.

As you gradually start to loosen up from these yoga movements, you can progressively practice poses through standing. You are improving strength, flexibility, and balance by adding extra yoga poses. If it’s necessary, make use of a sturdy chair as a support in your yoga routine so as to feel safer and steadier.

With the regular practice gradually you become more flexible and can stop using supports. If it is not possible then don’t strike yourself to do so because it defeats the purpose of yoga, to relax and loosen the muscles. Yoga will also build up those joints less painful.

Easing the pain of arthritis with yoga practice can make joints less painful.

Self-massage is also a way to improve circulation and warmth to the joints affected by arthritis. The American yoga association has instructional tapes and books to illustrate you the ways to effectively massage the regions of pain.

In easing the pain of arthritis with yoga practice: breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques should be practiced regularly as they improves the respiration, ease anxiety, and make your mind off the pain.

Oxygen flooding the body provides relief for both physical and emotional tension and the best thing is, you can do it anywhere! There are many books and tapes that are developed to help in dealing with the pain of arthritis.

Arthritis doesn’t have to be a disease, which turns into an impossible disability. Easing the pain of arthritis with yoga practice can be really helpful in dealing with arthritis. Remember that not all poses are advisable to be practiced by people with arthritis. It depends only on their health condition and their ability in practicing yoga poses.

So, it is better to consult a physician or practice the poses under the administration of a yoga instructor. By practicing breathing, gentle exercises, and meditating every day you can restore your strength and follow your daily activities with improved energy, better health, and less pain.

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