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Agel Gel Supplements:
Agel's line of nutritional products are, quite simply, a revolutionary step towards more convenient, more accurate and more effective nutrition. Whether it is bringing together four diverse supplements known for their healthful effects on joints and muscles into FLX... Giving you the widest variety of sources for your antioxidants in EXO... Lending you energy and focus without the crash and burn of caffeine or ephedra with OHM... Or introducing you to the remarkable benefits of fucoidan with UMI—not to mention 100% RDI of essential vitamins in MIN and the remarkable weight-loss properties of FIT. Actually getting the nutrition you need when you need it can have a dramatic impact on the way you feel every day and how effective you are at what you do.

Why are we doing this you ask?

    …Well, first and foremost we are using the giveaway to entice you to visit our website Now that you’re here, we hope that you’ll take a few minutes to look around.

    We’re proud of the quality and content of the site. We hope you like it too and that you’ll become a regular visitor!

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    … No; we have no affiliation with Agel and we do not sell Agel products. We purchased a quantity of product to use in our product evaluations ( our current nutritional product evaluation is the - 2007 Joint Supplement Product Review ) and we are using the balance of the products for this promotion.

What's in it for you?

    You've just found a great site 'Joint-Pain-Forum' with some excellent content. Take a look around and Enjoy!

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"Big Dollar Giveaway" Draw details:

    The main draw (valued at more than $1,000) will take place on August 31st, 2007
    There is an early bird draw on June 30th for 1 free case
    There is a second early bird draw on July 31st for 1 free case.

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Fine print:

    i) *The 1st prize in the August 31st, 2007 giveaway includes 10 cases of gels.
    ii) Each case of Agel Gels contains 30 individual packages and shipping is included.
    iii) All cases will be shipped prior to their best before dates.
    iv) Only 1 entry per person please.

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