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Arthritis Related 
News Releases

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August News items

1. Rituximab, used in conjunction with methotrexate, will now be available on the NHS for eligible people in England and Wales

2. NICE Appraisal Of Rituximab And Adalimumab For The Treatment Of Arthritis

3. Physical Therapists Recommend Physical Therapy Before Medication For Pain Relief

4. New Online Resource For Patients With Severe Hip Osteoarthritis

5. Interleukin Genetics Initiates Study Of Genetics Of Osteoarthritis With New York University Medical Center .

6. Treating Osteoarthritis With Coxibs And NSAIDs

7. Gene Therapy Trial Halted While Woman's Death Investigated .

8. ORENCIA® (abatacept) Supplemental Biologics License Application For Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Accepted By FDA For Filing And Review .

9. Glycine Supplement Helps Prevent Degenerative Diseases Such As Arthrosis Or Osteoporosis .

10. Getting A Grip On Common Hand Conditions

11. Reverse Shoulder A Final Option For Restoring Function

12. Osteoarthritis Targeted By New Disease-Modifying Drug

13. Evidence Of A Common Genetic Component For IBD And Ankylosing Spondylitis

14. Study Of Hip And Knee Replacements Among Centenarians

15.  Disability In Older Adults With Arthritis And Differences Among Racial Groups

16. Investigational Anti-Inflammatory Drug Produces Promising Results In Animal Studies

17.  Litozin is next generation in joint care, says EuroPharma

July News items

1. Think again about lifting weights into your old age

2. Nicotine may slow progression of rheumatoid arthritis

3. Arthritis Disability More Likely in Older Blacks, Hispanics

4. Gene Therapy Trial Halted After Death, FDA Investigates

5. Drug May Help Prevent Women's Osteoarthritis .

6. Pre-clinical Studies Demonstrate that the Excipients Enhanced the Anti-inflammatory Effect of Methotrexate (MTX)

7. Charity bid to boost arthritis care .

8. ZARS Initiates Phase 3 Clinical Trial Of ThermoProfen For Osteoarthritis Treatment .

9. No link between exercise, risk of knee osteoarthritis .

10. NSAIDs can reduce colorectal cancer risk

11. Senior Citizens Taking NSAIDS Like Aspirin Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer

12. Psoriatic arthritis-related bone edema improves with anti-TNF therapy

13. Young arthritis patients targeted in new study

14. Health Canada expands use of new COX-2 inhibitor Prexige

15. Antioxidants may protect against knee arthritis

16. Neurontin: A new treatment for fibromyalgia?

17. Patient Choice and Treatment Alternatives for Arthritis

18. Hip resurfacing safe alternative to surgery

19. Pain Medication Safety Not Guaranteed

20. Canadians get Naprelan

21. The bark that heals

22. Shipyard worker with occupational arthritis wins discrimination case

23. Rheumatoid Arthritis Impacts Millions of Americans but Remains Severely Underfunded

24. Osteoporosis in Children With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Linked to Disease Duration

25. Men have better recovery after knee surgery

26. Common Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Shows Potential for Diabetes Prevention

27. Women And Arthritis Sufferers Have Poorer Short-term Recovery From Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

28. Yoga Practice Relieves Arthritis Pain

29. Queensland rheumatoid arthritis research offers hope for sufferers

30. FDA Clears Small Bone Innovations’ Implant to Treat Thumb Arthritis

31. Fiskars(R) Provides Innovative Solutions to Arthritis Sufferers

32. Arthritis study should provide relief when choosing pain medication

33. Ransom gets UK marketing approval for Multiple approaches best treatment for Fibromyalgia

34. If you don't have arthritis now, there's a good chance you will

35. World Champion Competitive Eater Takeru Kobayashi Suffering Jaw Arthritis

36. Coated Aspirin Has Same Effect on Stomach as Plain Aspirin

June News items 1. Rheumatologists Overestimate Physical Disability Of RA Patients Study Finds

2. Rose-hip may help rheumatoid arthritis

3. Prevention of Arthritis is Better Than Cure

4. Common Hip Condition May Not Always Cause OA in Some Racial Groups

5. CombinatoRx Drops Arthritis Drug .

6. Further Legitimization Of Fibromyalgia As A True Medical Condition

7. NicOx begins third final-phase naproxcinod trial .

8. Glucosamine Trials Show Little Benefit Against Arthritis .

9. Rheumatoid arthritis research points to genetic component .

10. Compound in foie gras linked to human diseases

11. Patient Choice And Treatment Alternatives For Arthritis

12. Arthritis Foundation Launches Enhanced Website

13. Sperm Abnormalities Seen In Male Lupus Patients

14. Placebo effect seen in acupuncture studies

15. FDA approves fibromyalgia drug

16. Three Months to reduce your symptoms

17. Knuckle knowledge comes in handy

18. Study Shows Improvement of Rheumatoid Arthritis During Pregnancy

19. Obesity exacerbates rheumatoid arthritis

20. Worm could hold key to arthritis cure

21. Hope offered to those living with arthritis

22. Aggressive Nature of Hand Osteoarthritis Highlighted by New Study

23. Genzyme seeks OK on osteoarthritis drug.

24. Study Reveals Gender Disparity in Anti-TNF Use for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

25. Rheumatoid factor is a risk factor for heart disease in men.

26. Roches Actemra RA Drug Shows Substantial Benefits For Patients...

27. Risk of Lymphoma in Rheumatoid Arthritis Decreased by Long-term Steroid Use.

28. Arthritis early warning breakthrough.

29. Arthritisis being missed in young.

30. Breast-feeding protects from arthritis but Dr Raj Baldev differs.

31. Tai Chi and hydrotherapy shown to significantly help arthritis sufferers.

32. Labopharms once-daily pain killer tramadol approved for sale in Canada.

33. Ransom gets UK marketing approval for Alateris knee osteoarthritis treatment.

34. Risk Factors for RA–Smoking Education Level and Glucose Tolerance

35. Lyme Disease -The Great Imitator.

36. Tapentadol Effective and Safe for Relief of Moderate-to-Severe Chronic Pain

37. The Woes of the Pros

38. Best way to see damage in knee osteoarthritis

39. Anticonvulsant medication Gabapentin effective for fibromyalgia pain

40. Window of Opportunity for Treating Early Rheumatoid Arthritis

41. Vitamin A Compound Could Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis

42. Extended Release Morphine Sulfate Improves Sleep in Osteoarthritis Patients

43. Health Tip - Are Joint Supplements For You?

44. Anti-TNF Golimumab Continues to Show Promise in Phase II RA Study

45. New Help for Rheumatoid Arthritis

46. Gabapentin (Neurontin) Eases Chronic Pain in Fibromyalgia

47. New Drugs Cool Rheumatoid Arthritis Flames

48. Roche says repeated MabThera treatment helps rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

49. Seizure drug may treat fibromyalgia

50. The Healthful Benefits of Watermelon

51. If Your Knees Ache It Could Be Your Hips Fault

52. To Avoid Arthritis Start When Young

53. Study shows sugar supplement may treat immune disease

54. When Walking Is a Problem

55. Knee arthritis on the rise among active mid-lifers

56. Weight loss exercise can also be effective in coping with arthritis pain

57. Breakthrough Developments in Rheumatoid Arthritis Reported

58. Oh my aching joints

59. Health Canada Approves Lakota for Arthritis Pain

60. Men With Inflammatory Marker Have Three Times Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

61. Tools that make gardening easier for arthritis sufferers

62. Arthritis incidence expected to rise

63. Fibromyalgia The Misunderstood Disease

May News items

1. Mum-dies-of-cancer-after-doctors-said-it-was-arthritis

2. Surgical-options-for-arthritis

3. Rheumatoid-Illness-Smoking-Can-Harm-Hearts-Aorta

4. Vitamin-D-May-Protect-Against-Rheumatoid-Arthritis.

5. Arthritis-relief-on-the-way .

6. New-gene-therapy-can-nearly-eliminate-arthritis-pain

7. Drinking-lots-of-coffee-reduces-the-risk-of-gout-for-men .

8. Researchers-shed-light-link-between-chronic-inflammation-and-atherosclerosis.

9. Farmers-adapt-on-the-job-to-help-battle-arthritis .

10. Unique-roller-shoes-help-fight-arthritis-pain.

11. High-Tech-Treatment-for-Arthritis

12. Canada-Spearheads-International-Arthritis-Research-Program.

13. Arthritis-antibody-trial.

14. Gene-therapy-helps-arthritis-pain-damage-in-mice.

15. What-is-Safer-Fighting-Fires-or-Taking-Aspirin?

16. Catching-Arthritis-Early-Is-Important-in-Protecting-Children.

17. Lack-Of-Knowledge-About-Gout-A-Common-Form-Of-Painful-Arthritis.

18. Flexibility-Lowers-Arthritis-Risk-in-Older-Women.

19. A-new-high-tech-way-to-treat-arthritis.

20. Supplement-may-help-autoimmune-response.

21. Are-you-sure-you-want-to-smoke?

22. Arthritis-Prevalence-Activity-Limitations-To-Skyrocket.

23. Arthritis-Drugs-Is-the-Cure-Worse-Than-the-Disease.

24. Arthritis-drug-withdrawn-after-fatalities.

25. High-Heels-Fitness-tip.

26. Assessing-Arthritis.

27. Arthritis-Disability-Could-Be-Reduced-By-Counseling-Coping-Skills.

28. Surge-in-arthritis-on-the-way.

29. Rheumatoid-arthritis-drug-link-to-atherosclerosis.

30. The-Purdue-Frederick-Company-Inc-and-Top-Executives-Plead-Guilty.

31. Arthritis-pain-can-be-decreased-by-increasing-activity-level.

32. SonicScrubber-Receives-Ease-of-Use-Commendation-from-Arthritis-Foundation.

33. Yet-another-reason-not-to-smoke-cigarettes.

34. Jobs-risk-to-arthritis-sufferers.

35. Abbott-seeks-approval-for-child-arthritis-drug.

36. Green-tea-compound-touted-as-beneficial-in-rheumatoid-arthritis

37. Tai-Chi-and-hydrotherapy-help-ease-arthritis.

38. The-Economic-Impact-Of-Arthritis-On-The-US

39. Arthritis-Relief-With-Omega-3-Fish-Oil.

40. Psoriatic-Arthritis-Treatment.

April News items

1. US Arthritis Numbers Costs Soaring;

2. Overall Costs Of Arthritis Double Over 6 Years;

3. FDA approves labelling update for Orencia for rheumatoid arthritis;

4. Ibuprofen and Aspirin Can be a Deadly Combo;

5. Pfizer to resume airing ads for Celebrex;

6. Arthritis survey launched in Canada;

7. Debate on chondroitins effectiveness goes on;

8. Activity the key to managing arthritis;

9. Questions raised about Chondroitons effectiveness for arthritis;

10. Acupuncture Aid for Arthritis Sufferers;

11. Arcoxia Gets Knockout Punch From FDA;

12. A wonder drug beat my teenage arthritis;

13. Rainforest based pharmaceuticals on the way;

14. Study confirms MSM provides moderate evidence of efficacy for knee OA.

15. World Lupus Day

16. Vitalzym claims to boost the immune system and ease arthritis pain

17. The hip thing: Hip replacement alternative is being performed in Rockford.

18. Genetic variant associated with susceptibility to osteoarthritis

19. NicOx Initiates Second Phase 3 Study to Confirm Naproxcinods Efficacy and Improved Blood Pressure Profile

20. Seniors Arthritis Yields to Exercise.

21. First approved prefilled autoinjector for rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis now available in Canada

22. Giving hope to arthritis sufferers

23. Heart experts say Merck arthritis drug too risky

24. Arthritis drug risk

25. GSK combination migraine pill better than single therapy

March News items

1. Japan experts link osteoarthritis to gene variant.

2. Exercise May Fend Off Arthritis in Women.

3. Genes may affect osteoporosis osteoarthritis studies show.

4. Exercise in old age prevents onset of arthritis symptoms.

5. Role of emotions in how patients feel arthritis pain.

6. Research shows arthritis pain processed in brain

7. CombinatoRx Arthritis Drug Misses Primary Endpoint.

8. Osteoarthritis Linked to Gene Mutation.

9. Shoulder replacement is safe effective.

10. Biologics to the rescue for Arthritis sufferers.

11. FDA to Limit Influence of Outside Experts with Industry Ties.

12. Inmate says he would rather die than deal with arthritis.

13. Link Between Rheumatoid Arthritis And Cancer.

14. Merck seeking FDA approval for Arcoxia.

15. NASONEX Earns the Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Commendation.

16. Pfizers Celebrex Patents Upheld vs Teva Challenge.

February News items

1. Image Concerns Tied to Depression in Arthritis Lupus Patients.

2. Pfizer says 17 European countries extend Celebrex arthritis drug label.

3. For Mets Hernandez arthritis is pain in the neck.

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