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Sit back, relax and watch our compilation of Arthritis themed videos that will provide you with education on all things arthritis related.

Welcome to the Joint Pain Forum VIDEO ARCHIVES where we bring all of our video content together from across this website into one place so that you can peruse and view our selection of informative videos at your convenience. 

We will continue to build on our library of arthritis themed videos – so be sure to check back regularly and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to drop us a line requesting it.

The Video Collection

Click the title of the video that you'd like to watch (they are numbered below) and you will be directed to the actual page where the video is located.


General Arthritis:

1) Thermal Scanning Procedure

  • 1 minute 26 seconds
  • A look at how new Thermal    scanners can detect arthritis  earlier so that preventative   treatment can start sooner

Osteoarthritis (OA):

1) 3D animated OA overview

  • 50 seconds
  • 3D animation that overviews what osteoarthritis is and how it affects the body 

2) OA disease & treatment options

  • 5 minutes 51 seconds
  • Report that overviews OA symptoms, causes and reviews treatment options

3) OA knee 3D animated overview

  • 57 seconds 
  • 3D animation that overviews knee osteoarthritis and how it affects the body 

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

1) RA 3D animated overview

  • 1 minute 42 seconds
  • 3D animation that overviews what RA is and how it affects the body


 2) Rheumatoid Arthritis an
     overview report

  • 3 minutes 4 seconds
  • Report on the background, causes and symptoms of RA

Juvenile Arthritis:

1) Juvenile Arthritis report - A case

  • 2 minutes 15 seconds
  • Report on one child’s battle with JA and his doctor’s approach to treatment

2) JA report - Gene therapy    

  • 2 minutes 33 seconds
  • Report on one child’s battle with JA and gene analysis approach to treatment.

Arthritis Surgical Procedures:

Hip Surgery:

1) Total Hip Resurfacing – OR live

  • 59 minutes 37 seconds
  • This amazing video takes you inside the OR to witness a total hip resurfacing approach to Hip Replacement surgery

2) Birmingham Hip Resurfacing    
    procedure report

  • 2 minutes
  • Overview report of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure and one mans experience with the procedure.  This procedure is not recommended for people over 60 or for those with low bone density



Knee Surgery:
1) Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • 40 seconds
  • Short 3D animation without audio that takes you through a total knee replacement surgery

2) OrthoGlide Knee Implant surgery

  • 1 minute 22 seconds
  • Report on newer process Orthoglide metallic implant case study

3) Unicompartmental Knee
    Replacement surgery report

  • 1 minute 34
  • Report on a newer process called Unicompartmental partial knee replacement with case study

4) Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

  • 1 minute 34 seconds
  • Report that overviews the newer “minimally invasive knee surgery” procedure

5) Total Knee Replacement: Minimal 
    Incision procedure – OR Live

  • 51 minutes 25 seconds
  • This amazing video takes you inside the OR to witness the minimal incision approach to Knee Replacement surgery 

6) Traditional Knee Replacement
    Surgery – OR Live

  • 62 minutes19 seconds
  • This video takes you inside the OR to witness a Total Knee Replacement surgery 

7) Partial Knee Resurfacing report

  • 1 minute 52 seconds
  • Report that overviews one mans experience with knee OA and the partial knee resurfacing approach to treatment that he opted for.

Shoulder surgery:

1) Ream and Run shoulder surgery procedure report

  • 1 minute 34 seconds 
  • Overview report of the new Ream and Run shoulder surgery procedure and one mans experience with it. 

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