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Product Pointers

How to Take intraMAX
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| 4.5 MB | 6:54 min

What's Not in a Bottle of intraMAX
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| 5 MB | 2:46 min

How intraMAX is different
from other Organic Minerals

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| 1 MB | 1:31 min

Children, Moms, and Moms-to-be can take intraMAX
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| 1.9 MB | 2:50 min

Todays Foods equal Zero Nutrition
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| 9.7 MB | 10:41 min

Dr. Joe and Brenda talk
about Fulvic Acid

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| 3.8 MB | 5:00 min

  from Health Care Professional

Dr. Greg Barsten's Testimonial
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| 7.9 MB | 10:32 min |
Dr. Greg Barsten of Los Gatos, California shares his remarkable clinical experiences with intraMAX and his patients

Dr. Carl Donaldson Testimonial
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| 4.3 MB | 6:53 min
Dr. Carl Donaldson shares three case studies from his patients' files with their stories on how intraMAX™ has improved their lives all within six weeks

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Doctor Talk Dr. Drucker and Dr. Fawcett

Doctor Talk   
Welcome to Doctor Talk where Dr. Richard Drucker and Dr. Joe Fawcett help you and those you help to be wonderfully well.  Each information packed show addresses life-changing nutritional issues.  Learn how intraMAX strategically fits in to your health protocols.  Discover why most nutritional supplements do not help and may in fact be auto-intoxicating your patients.

Show #1
Excessive calcium intake: What is it and what does it do to the body?
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| 9:15 min | 6.1mb |

Show #2

Why does milk NOT do a body good?

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| 8:55 min | 6.7mb |

Show #3

What is inorganic calcium and what is organic calcium?

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| 8:49 min | 6.6mb |

Show #4

What kind of calcium is best for you?

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| 9:30 min | 7.1mb |

Show #5

What kind of calcium is in intraMAX?

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| 9:30 min | 7.1mb |

Show #6

Continuation of what kind of calcium is in intraMAX 415+?

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| 10:30 min | 7.6mb | 

Show #7

Should anyone take more calcium magnesium along with intraMAX 415+?

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| 10:17 min | 6.4mb |

Show #8

What is “ionic”?

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| 10:04 min | 6.3mb | 

Show #9

What is “colloidal”?

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| 8:44 min | 5.4mb |

Show #10

What is “coral calcium”?

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| 7:28 min | 4.7mb |

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