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After an exhaustive 9+ month search, the results are in... 
We are very pleased to announce today that we have finally completed our indepth analysis of Multi-vitamin/nutritional supplement products.
The result of our investigation has identified the Drucker Labs line of nutritional supplements as the best products on the market today and the product to get our Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.
You can quickly learn more about Drucker Labs nutritional supplements here:
Due to the fact that the multi-vitamin industry is so competitive and rife with conflicting information, we wanted to make sure that we did our homework to find a product that we could be proud of recommending and we are 100% sure that we have found that product in IntraMax.
Why is this such an important issue for us & for you?
The key to successfully fighting arthritis and to acheiveig as vibrant a life as possible, has at it's core 1 key factor...  which is optimal nutrition. 
Despite our best intentions most of us don't eat as healthy as we should and supplementation is the best way for us to make it up to our bodies - to deliver the nutrition our bodies need to prosper and to thrive.
At the heart of why we recommend products from Drucker Labs are these 3 key criteria:
  1. 100% Organic products
  2. Nutrition that is delivered via a liquid for maximal absorption and use by the body
  3. Highest levels of quality control and only available from certified health care professionals.
If you have any doubts about the quality of your diet or of your current vitamin supplement, please take some time to visit the Drucker Labs resource area we have put together for our user community.
You can quickly learn more about Drucker Labs nutritional supplements here:
Should you have any questions related to diet, nutrition or the Drucker Labs product line, please contact our certified Nutritional Consultants at:
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Wishing you great health & good fortune.