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From the desk of Peter Ballantine
Prospering With Arthritis

Dear sir/madam,

Thanks so much for joining our community of interest.  We here all share the common bond of having to deal with arthritis... including the pain, stiffness and other challenges that it presents every day.

Helping you to address your arthritis challenges as quickly and effectively as possible is our primary goal and we look forward to being your #1 arthritis resource.

With that in mind and as a show of our appreciation for you joining the Prospering With Arthritis community; we have put together a Comprehensive Arthritis Busting solution that we feel is unsurpassed in both effectiveness and value. 

We call this package “The Definitive Rid Yourself of Arthritis Pain & Stiffness Package” and we’re pleased to be able to offer it to you as part of a very attractive members only offer.

Before I walk you through the package, let me ask you… What do you spend today to manage your arthritis?  Between doctors bills, prescriptions, supplements, etc., the average arthritis sufferer spends no less than $75.00 per month just to get by – and this doesn’t take into account the costs of not being able to work, etc.. 

Is getting by enough for you?  It shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be.  

Let me ask you; How much would you pay for an Arthritis Free Life?... $1,000… $5,000… $10,000+?

What if I could teach you how to rid yourself of arthritis forever for $200.00?  Would that be an investment you’d make in yourself?  I hope so.

Relieve Your Arthritis Pain & Stiffness, Drug Free, Without Any Painful & Expensive Surgery (Actually save yourself money while doing it)

This is what we guarantee that “The Definitive Rid Yourself of Arthritis Pain & Stiffness Package” will do for you.

While there is a lot of hype these days around selling miracle products and pushing prescription drugs, I’m here to tell you that THERE IS NO ARTHRITIS SILVER BULLET.  So don’t waste your hope and money on empty promises.

There is however a 100% cure to arthritis that won’t cost you a penny more than you’re spending today and which will likely enable you to spend less. 

This cure has been attested to by doctors and proven time & time again in testimonials from people that are successfully beating their arthritis.

The Results Are Indisputable... Arthritis Can Be Beaten.

And if you act today...

You Can Quickly Have The Remedy In Your Hands. 

So... What Is the Cure For Arthritis?

Not surprisingly the cure for arthritis is not based on science or some miracle supplement but rather, it’s simply a back to basics approach that stresses the following 3 key components:

        1) Healthy Living

        2) Wholesome Eating

        3) Regular and Gentle Exercise Routine

If you have a Plan Of Action based on these 3 components - If you know What To Do and How To Do ItYou Can ABSOLUTELY Rid Yourself of Arthritis Pain & Stiffness.

Yes Peter... I'm ready to order now Please

“The Definitive Rid Yourself of Arthritis Pain & Stiffness Package”

This Unique package has been put together to deliver a comprehensive approach to beating arthritis by Arming You With the Knowledge you need in these 3 key areas as follows:

   Healthy Living

 Inclusion #1:

Paper Back edition of “I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too”.

Value $39.97

  Wanting to live healthy is one thing, knowing what specifically to do and how to do it is another.  Through this book you will learn EXACTLY what to do & how to do it.

For this we rely on Seventy-four year old author Margie
Garrison (the Arthritis Lady), who was told at the age of 28 that she would be forced to use a wheelchair within five years.  Not being one to just give up, Margie dedicated her life to researching alternative treatments for this common affliction that used to be considered "incurable", and she
proved her doctors wrong.

Through a specific lifestyle program that Margie developed, she has lived free of arthritis pain for the past 21 years.  Based on real life testimonials from average people and medical doctors - her program has been a godsend to many others as well.

Learn more about this Amazing Book here

   Wholesome Eating

Inclusion #2:

CD edition of “Cooking With Michael”.

                                       Value $29.97

  It’s a well documented fact that a proper diet is essential if you’re to be successful in fighting the symptoms of arthritis.  As Margie’s son, Michael has intimate knowledge of the diet required to beat arthritis and he includes over 300 of his favourite healthy, delicious and easy to prepare recipes in this CD. 

Margie Garrison - "The Arthritis Lady" checked over every recipe and choose 92 (marked with the AF symbol) which she recommends as particularly “Arthritis Friendly”.

This resource is designed to meet the needs of both the beginner and the experienced cook and also includes a useful "Helpful Hints" section, packed with hints and ideas for in and out of the kitchen.

  Learn more about this fantastic Cookbook here

   Regular & Gentle Exercise Routine

Inclusion #3:

Soft copy of “Movement: Your Best Arthritis Medicine”

                                       Value $19.95

 You are already receiving this eBook free of charge as a thank you for joining our user community.  Directions on how to claim the soft copy of this comprehensive exercise plan should be in your e-mail inbox momentarily.


What Good Is a 3 Legged Stool If It’s Missing a Leg?

You could use it for firewood perhaps?... but it certainly won’t meet your seating needs.

Similarly; with “The Definitive Rid Yourself of Arthritis Pain & Stiffness Package” you will have all of the tools that you need to be Arthritis Pain & Stiffness free…


In the same way that a 3 legged stool is useless if it’s missing a leg… Your ability to beat your arthritis is dependant upon you using all 3 tools that are contained within the package.

Let me ask you again…

How Much Would You Pay For An Arthritis Free Life?... $1,000… $5,000… $10,000+?

I’d suggest that it’s almost priceless – but because we are here to deliver maximum satisfaction and value to our user community, we’ll also include the following bonuses…

            2007 Joint Supplement Product Review – eBook Edition (currently selling for $29.95)

            127 Ultimate Fitness Super Tips by Michael D. Hill (a $29.95 value)

            I Lost 120 Pounds You Can Too by Margie Garrison – The Arthritis Lady” (a $29.97 value)

            PLUS, we’ll provide you with E-mail access to arthritis expert and best selling author, Margie Garrison  "The Arthritis Lady", to help answer any questions you may have.

   Plus, you will also receive these 5 special health reports:

           Oleo or Margarine.  The Margarine Hoax.  The Worlds Worst Food.

             Why White Flour is Abominable and Killing Us.

           The Latest Cancer Alternative Cancer Report

            Read This and Throw Away Your Insulin!  (With Your Doctors Permission)

            Cleaning the Air of Confusion about the Atkins Diet by Dr. Gregory Ellis, Ph.D., CNS

The Good News Is That The Cost For This Complete Package Is Not $1,000

…It’s not even $100.

… For this One-Time Offer The Total Cost is Just $59.94 USD

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$59.94 USD.

Consider This: 

      For this small investment of $59.94 in yourself...

  • You will never need to spend another cent on lotions, potions or miracle cures
  • You will save money on your grocery bill
  •  You will save money on your medical bills

Let me ask you one last time…

How Much Would You Pay For An Arthritis Free Life?

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Wishing you Great Health & Good Fortune;

Peter Ballantine
Prospering With Arthritis

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