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1) Why Natural Arthritis Treatments?
2) What are my natural treatment options?
3) What are the Potential Supplement-Drug Interactions?
4) What are the beneficial Herbs/Supplements & Their Uses?
5) Authoritative Herbal Remedies resources

Why Natural Arthritis Treatments?

As a result of the numerous and ongoing risks associated with pharmaceutical pain relief products, more and more people are seeking joint pain relief from natural remedies and healthy alternatives.

Natural arthritis treatments offer a proven and safe alternative for those who want to avoid the dangers of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

The conclusions drawn from recent research demonstrates conclusively that a number of natural arthritis treatments can be at least as effective as pharmaceutical drugs, without causing any of the side effects associated with conventional medications. The GAIT Study and The GUIDE Trial detail the research findings.

For those looking for arthritis pain relief, these new studies offer facts and choices which need to be taken into consideration when assessing your treatment options.

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So what are my natural treatment options?

Arthritis sufferers now have many safe natural treatment alternatives to prescription drugs.

While many natural supplements have significant benefits on their own, research has shown that the greatest benefits can most often be derived through a combination of natural treatments that act together in a synergistic manner to achieve results greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The following are the most promising natural alternative arthritis pain relief supplements:

1) Glucosamine & Chondroitin - two of the most studied and popular arthritis relief natural supplements that form the building blocks of cartilage - the substance that lines joints These two compounds are found naturally in the body and can aid in promoting joint health and repair.

2) MSM - a naturally occurring sulfur compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory. It can reduce joint swelling and inflammation thereby reducing or eliminating pain in the joint and affected area.

3) Manganese Ascorbate – is a mineral that enhances the effectiveness of both glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates while contributing to production of healthy cartilage. Also acts as an important antioxidant nutrient that helps facilitate enzymes and slow the aging process.

4) Omega 3 Fatty Acids – act as inflammatory agents. Promotes increased blood flow and reduced soreness.

5) Boswellin - Studies have shown that the boswellic acids have an anti-inflammatory action - much like the conventional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Boswellia inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators in the body, such as leukotrienes. As opposed to NSAIDS, long-term use of boswellia does not lead to irritation or ulceration of the stomach.

All of these natural arthritis treatments can be helpful in relieving the painful symptoms of arthritis.

Although they can be taken separately, recent evidence shows that these natural remedies may offer the most benefits when combined to work together in one comprehensive supplement.

More about Natural remedies can be found here.

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Potential Supplement-Drug Interactions
Herbs and other supplements can be powerful medicine: They can interact with each other, and with prescription or over-the-counter drugs you may be taking. Be sure you are aware of all the possible effects before you take supplements. Here are some common interactions.
Bromelain May increase effects of blood-thinning drugs and tetracycline antibiotics.
Echinacea Might counteract immune-suppressant drugs such as glucocorticoids taken for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Might increase side effects of methotrexate.
Evening Primrose oil Can counteract the effects of anti-convulsant drugs.
Fish oil May increase effects of blood-thinning drugs and herbs.
Folic acid Interferes with methotrexate; ask your doctor how to take it.
G.L.A. May increase effects of blood-thinning drugs and herbs.
Garlic Can increase effects of blood-thinning drugs and herbs.
Ginger Can increase NSAID side effects and effects of blood-thinning drugs and herbs.
Ginkgo May increase effects of blood-thinning drugs and herbs.
Ginseng May increase effects of blood-thinning drugs, estrogens and glucocorticoids; shouldn’t be used by those with diabetes; may interact with MAO inhibitors.
Kava Kava Can increase effects of alcohol, sedatives and tranquilizers.
Magnesium May interact with blood pressure medications.
St. John’s Wort May enhance effects of narcotics, alcohol, and antidepressants; increase risk of sunburn; interfere with iron absorption.
Valerian Can increase the effects of sedatives and tranquilizers.
Zinc Can interfere with glucocorticoids and other immunosuppressing drugs.

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Herbs and Supplements and Their Uses

Herbs and Supplements and Their Uses
Read individual entries to learn about the research behind the claims.
  Pain Stiffness Fatigue Inflammation Anxiety/Depression  
  Topical use; not advised for internal use

      For OA
Ayurvedic remedies

  Herbs used in combinations for many conditions
Black currant oil

  For RA; see GLA
Borage oil

  For RA; see GLA

  For RA, OA; may raise estrogen levels

  For RA, OA; often used in combinations
  Not enough evidence
Cat’s claw
  For RA; animal studies only; may protect GI tract
        Topical use; recommended
Chinese herbs

  Herbs used in combinations for many conditions
Chondroitin sulfate

      For OA
CMO           No human studies; not recommended

  For RA; not the same as cartilage
  Not enough evidence

  For RA, OA; often used in combinations
Devil’s claw           No evidence it helps RA

  For lupus; don’t use without physician’s help

  Don’t use without physician’s help
Echinacea           Not recommended for autoimmune disease
    See ginseng
Evening primrose oil

  For RA; see GLA
Fish oil

For RA, Raynaud’s

  For RA, possibly lupus nephritis, constipation
Gin-soaked raisins           Not recommended
  For RA, OA; relieves nausea
Ginko           May improve circulation in Raynaud’s

  For RA

      For OA
Green tea
  Cancer protector; no human studies for arthritis
Guaifenesin           Touted for fibromyalgia; not recommended
Kava kava
Relaxant; don’t use with alcohol or depression drugs
  For fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
Melatonin           Enhances sleep; not recommended for autoimmune diseases
  No human studies

For OA, depression, fibromyalgia
St. John’s wort        
Not for serious depression

  For RA
Stinging nettle

  For RA, OA; enhances NSAID effectiveness
Thunder god vine
  For RA, autoimmune diseases; not enough evidence

  For RA, OA; often used in combinations
Valerian           Enhances sleep; don’t use with alcohol or depression drugs
Vitamins           See page 231
Wild yam           Not recomended
Zinc sulfate

  For RA, psoriasis

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Additional Authoritative Herbal Remedies resources

For more detailed information related to Herbal Remedies; please visit one of our recommended partner sites...Herbal Remedies at; or,

The Holistic Herbalist at

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