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  • What advice a "Real Life" prostitute has offered on how to distinguish an undercover officer from a prostitute
  • The surprising facts behind what police officers can do to you even before you have done anything wrong - Don't Fall For This.
  • What things an undercover officer will likely do that should be a dead give-away to you that you need to walk away
  • The Rookie mistake that you should avoid doing at all costs 
  • ... and you'll get the Million Dollar Tip - The One Simple Thing that you can quickly and easily do to determine with 100% certainty if she is an undercover police officer.
  • ...and much more invaluable information to keep you out of TROUBLE.

 The cost for this report is only $20 but it's value to you could be close to priceless if it helps to keep you out of the legal system, the newspapers & divorce court.

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If you don't feel that the information contained in the report is worth at least $20 you may request a full refund within 7 days and keep the report as our gift to you.  We know what these tips can be worth to someone so we have every confidence that you'll find tremendous value and knowledge in our report.

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